one hour — $59.95

Our superheroine videos have become so popular that more and more customers are commissioning their own adventures. Our first fantasy was scripted by Sisterhood of Superheroines creator George PÈrez from a plot by one such customer. Santana stars as both the villainess Satan Doll (from Tape #427) and her heroic twin sister Ultiwoman. In a flashback to the Overmind, Satan Doll tells how her sister fell into a trap set up by the buxom baddie Grim maiden (played to the hilt by the sensational Shelly). Ultiwoman is caught off-guard as Grim Maiden snaps an Inhibitor collar around the heroine's neck, sapping her strength. Ultiwoman's punches are ineffective and the ebon-haired crimefighter is thrown, punched and stomped mercilessly. A powerful bearhug squeezes Ultiwoman into unconsciousness, but Grim Maiden is far from finished with her. Breasts are squeezed, private parts are groped and more bearhugs are applied as the valiant Ultiwoman suffers torment after torment. Grim Maiden doesn't want to just defeat the superheroine; she wants to humiliate Ultiwoman. When Ultiwoman eventually awakens, she finds herself tied up next to a bomb ticking away to oblivion. Can the superheroine deactivate the weapon before she is blown to atoms?

Our second caped caper is a ring romp pitting masked superheroine Tanya the Titan against the tough evildoer Demolition Dame (Kristie). Tanya had reluctantly agreed to fight the villainess without either of them using their super powers. However, one should never take a villain at her word. Even though Tanya removed her power belt and boots, the muscular Demolition Dame is still wearing her energy gauntlets as she sneaks up on the heroine and proceeds to crush the life out of her. Tanya is subjected to a seemingly endless onslaught of bearhugs, reverse bearhugs, backbreakers, stomach, face and breast claws and devastating body and head punches. Tanya, her mask and cape removed during the course of this slaughter, pleads pathetically for mercy, but her entreaties fall on cruel deaf ears.