seventy-five minutes — $59.95

Jewell invites Candi to her home to teach Jewell some wrestling holds. The bikini-clad beauties begin with a sensuous body-to-body grapevine and then segue to a backbreaking surfboard and finally a body scissors with Candi immobilized by Jewell's powerful legs. When Nefertiti arrives, the trapped blonde realizes that she's been set up. With Jewell's help, Nefertiti is determined to pay Candi back for the beating she received in Tape #511. Candi is stripped naked and she is subjected to a sweaty facesit. After her pale ass is reddened with stinging spanks, Candi's naked crotch and bare breasts are groped and clawed by her now-naked tormenters. Long nails, full breasts, naked crotches and sharp teeth all become weapons of humiliating devastation as the tiny blonde is punished again and again until one final facesit puts an end to her misery.

Our second nude encounter is not really a fighting match per se. It's more of a dance challenge between our favorite Brit Yvonne and buxom newcomer Nina. Starting out in tiny dresses the girl's bodies writhe and gyrate over each other for seeming eternities until their mutual heat forces them to abandon all their clothes, exposing their glistening flesh for the other's arousal. The seduction sends one girl on top of the other on the couch where winning and losing definitely seem less important to these long-legged lasses than how they play the game.