1 hour — $59.95

A multi-fall Texas-style death match is how the mammoth mammaried Julie DC intends to punish the haughty Santana for stealing the redhead's boyfriend. Wearing bikinis and heels the two hellcats meet in the center of the ring where Julie DC's blow to Santana's face sends the raven-haired brunette stumbling to the corner. Santana's stomach is pounded repeatedly as she is softened up for a leg scissors that smacks her head on the mat. As the second round begins, he dazed Latin is too groggy to avoid Julie DC's bare-knuckled assault on her breasts. Knees to the crotch and a reverse bearhug makes Santana an easy pin and as round three commences it looks like history will repeat itself as Santana's nipples are pinched through her bikini top. However, when Julie DC sits on Santana's face, the downed brunette sinks her teeth into Julie DC's crotch. As the crimson tressed titan screams, Santana takes the advantage-and she's bent on getting some major payback. And what better targets than Julie DC's big, bare tits?

Next we find Tanya and Nikki, both dressed in bra, skirt, hose and heels, challenging each other to a belt match-with the loser to kiss the winner's ass. Removing their skirts and heels the lethal ladies go at each other in their panties, hose and bras. One girl is soon on the losing end of a barrage of slaps, blows, backbreakers and a knee to the throat pin, ending the first fall. Nikki is downed with a kick to the crotch as the second fall begins but she soon reciprocates with one of her own, setting Tanya up for a kick to her beautiful kisser. A combination crotch grab and facesit ends the second fall. When Tanya decides to use her fists, that first punch triggers the killer in Nikki and the blonde champ soon finds herself slapped, punched, kicked and stumped all over the ring. The bloody blonde will have to rally quickly from Nikki's grueling standing head scissors if she expects to keep her belt-and avoid being a humiliated butt-kisser.