1 hour — $59.95

Mia's comeback is threatened when her old nemesis Francesca challenges her to a one-fall elimination match for the championship. Mia has accused Francesca of cheating in the past but this time it looks like the fight will be a fair one. Leg scissors, headlocks, stepover toeholds and surfboards are applied by both battlers-until Mia starts stomping Francesca in the gut. Francesca retaliates with rib-crushing leg scissors and a step-over toehold of her own. After Mia kicks out of the hold she removes Francesca's bra and strangles her with it, arching the Latin beauty backward, straining Fran's back to the max. The rules are eventually thrown out as each dark-haired fighter takes her turn, punching, stomping, choking and hurdling her adversary all around the ring. A Boston Crab weakens one wrestler enough to make her easy pickings for a series of head scissors, matchbook pins, bow and arrow stretches, body blows and other modes of mayhem. Finally, one topless tussler is totally wiped out in the corner, ready to be tied up like the pathetic loser she is.

Another old enemy, the ever-popular Lisa, takes Mia on in our second ring match. Lisa really plays with fire when she calls Mia a creampuff, a term Mia is sick and tired of hearing. After accepting Lisa's challenge, Mia starts to return to her corner, but is sucker-punched from behind by her Titian-haired opponent. The stunned Mia is subjected to an onslaught of head scissors, belly blows, crotch grabs, Boston Crabs and enough punches, pins and poundings to knock out ten girls. Lisa even uses her firm breasts to smother the breath out of the magnificent one. A crushing leap from the top rope leads to a devastating ending which helps turn Mia's comeback into the ultimate comedown.