eighty minutes — $59.95

Three of our sexiest ring goddesses go at it as Hollywood and Tanya dish out the trash at each other before a match as Jewell challenges both of them. Tanya and Hollywood agree to a multi-fall match with Jewell refereeing. The winner would then fight Jewell as the loser acts as ref. The two fighters don't even bother removing their robes as they wrestle each other to the canvas. Bodacious bods twist and shout as full nelsons, grapevines and shoulder tosses test the boundaries of their endurance. Tanya gets the pin and Hollywood vows revenge, but first it's time for Jewell to have at the arrogant blonde. With a flurry of body presses, breast smothers, facesits and stepover toeholds, Tanya and Jewell show each other no mercy. When an airplane spin and a facesit smother puts Tanya down, the fight switches to Jewell versus Hollywood. This is one long battle with pairings changing with each new victory and loss and all three violent vixens eventually and inevitably losing their flimsy tops. However, win or lose, the true winner of this bare-breasted donnybrook is you, the DT customer.

Two beautiful blondes make their DT debut in a special arm match. When British bombshell Goldie makes fun of Zora's muscles, the two golden haired, exotic beauties go at each other, concentrating their torture on each other's upper appendages. Arms are twisted behind each girl's back; sharp fingernails tweeze tiny arm hairs and forearms are burned red with friction holds. These girls may be tyros to the ring, but they are pros when it comes to dishing out punishment. While legs are twisted, waists are crushed and necks are choked the targets of torment always comes back to those long lean arms, which are pulled back into painful surfboards. As bodies twist all over the ring each topless European hellcat relishes hurting the other and they are definitely welcome additions to the Double Trouble stable of grappling greats.