1 hour — $59.95

The buxom bombshell Sandy is all revved up to prove that she is the DT wrestling queen, and her first victim - er, we mean opponent is the fabulous Sabrina, her curves displayed amply by her green bikini. No slouch in the wrestling ring herself, Sabrina gives a good account of herself, but soon learns that Sandy is determined not only to take her down, but also to utterly destroy her. Sandy unleashes her entire wrestling arsenal, with bodyslams, piledrivers, figure-4 leglocks, camel clutches, full nelsons, bearhugs, clotheslines and many more menacing maneuvers, all meted out by an expert. Each fall ends with one wrestler totally knocked out by sleepers and other smothering tactics. As the topless Sabrina continues to come back for more, you'll wonder if her pain-wracked body will be able to recover enough to turn the tables on her fearsome foe.

Next, it is gorgeous Jewell, in the tiniest red bikini you'll ever see, who takes up Sandy's challenge. While predominantly a catfighter, Jewell has obviously been getting some wrestling training and she isn't the easy prey Sandy thought she'd be. More expertly executed holds are applied and the punishment is shared by each combatant. Headlocks, scissors and neck-breaking takedowns are traded until the bigger blonde overwhelms the bosomy brunette with pulverizing clotheslines, spine-snapping surfboards and breathtaking sleepers and knockout holds. There's a whole lot of flesh being slammed as Jewell's topless body is pummeled and twisted by the sensational Sandy.