sixty-eight minutes — $59.95

It's Walters versus Walters as youngest sibling Brandy returns after a too-long absence to trade blows with her big sister Mia. And from the starting bell it's apparent that cute Brandy has lost none of her pugilistic edge. In fact she looks deadlier than ever and Mia is in for the fight of her life. Both women start off topless, exposing themselves to even more powerful blows. Leather smacks repeatedly against flesh as jabs, crosses and uppercuts take their toll on stomachs, breasts and jaws. A bloodied Mia is the first to go down and is even saved by the bell once, but Brandy takes her turn on the canvas as well as each knockdown seems to make Mia angrier and stronger. As each girl gains and loses the advantage, it's anybody's guess who will win this exhilarating exhibition. When it comes to boxing action, it doesn't get much better than this.

Or does it? Our second match is yet another screen scorcher as topless boxing babes Santana and Kat (Stacy Burke) smack each other around in this best 4 falls-out-of-7 encounter. As the opening bell sounds, the sultry Santana charges at the blonde and totally dominates her with staggering blows to her stomach. When a right cross sends Stacy down to the mat, Santana who is determined to get her opponent counted out stomps down the blonde. This infuriates Stacy who tries to marshal a counterattack. By the second round it is Santana who fights for her life as Stacy's flying fists pound against the Latin lovely's face, gut and breasts. As Santana's once-smiling face is bloodied this boxing brouhaha really boils over. Hundreds of blows find their marks as two wounded tigresses battle it out to a furious finale.