fifty minutes — $59.95

The Sisterhood of Superheroines returns in this all-new adventure directed by comics legend George Pérez. Beautiful and bosomy Jewell Marceau joins the series as Prism, the cousin of captured heroine Daisy Chain (once again played by the lovely Stacy Burke). After escaping from the Overmind's control a weakened Daisy Chain arrives home to find a worried Jewell, still in civilian dress, waiting for her. Daisy Chain's escape doesn't last long as she's quickly teleported outdoors, landing in front of a bubbling hot tub. The blonde super-girl's eyes widen as the bombastic and brutal Domina rises from the churning waters.

The titanic Julie DC recreates her role from DOMINA DELIVERS! (Tape # 419) and she's as vicious as ever. Too weary to be much of a challenge, Daisy Chain is choked and pounded mercilessly, her bared breasts also providing tender targets. All seems lost for the sexy superheroine until Domina is ambushed by Prism, bedecked in a bright multi-colored costume and grimly determined to avenge her cousin. Prism uses her emerald energy ring's powers to freeze, roast and neutralize the villainess. With a topless Domina defeated, Prism tends to Daisy Chain, making the mistake of turning her back on her enemy. When Domina finds a way to neutralize the power of prism's ring, the novice crimefighter is soon caught on the receiving end of Domina's deadly destruction. Even Daisy Chain's power discs are used against the brunette beauty. The battle ends with Domina's infamous breast-smother and one heroine's unconscious body ignominiously draped over the other's. However, Domina is never content with just defeating her enemies. The following avalanche of whippings, spankings, punches and bearhugs has got be seen to be believed. How much torture can two topless superbabes endure? And how much super-charged excitement can you stand?

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