1 hour — $59.95

In an on-camera interview, Mia bemoans the fact that none of the new DT girls are as well trained as she is, resorting to dirty tactics in order to win. She's gotten back in shape after her pregnancy in order to show these new grapplers what real wrestling is all about. From the other side of the ring Julie DC ridicules Mia, calling her a "creampuff". As all our regular customers know, them are fighting words for Mia. Mia pummels her mammoth-mammaried heckler with a barrage of devastating chops and punches. A stunned Julie DC hangs on the ropes as Mia senses an easy kill. Wrong! The bigger girl soon topples the smaller Mia with a series of blows of her own and even draws a target on Mia's stomachăthe better to aim her gut slugs. But Julie DC's assaults don't stop with belly punches as she devastates Mia with leg scissors, crotch kicks and even figure-4 leglocks to repeatedly knock her diminutive veteran out. And, when Mia looks like she's out for good, Julie DC awakens her with spritzes of water - and continues the body-blasting torture.
On her way to a club, Tanya is warned that the dangerous Dina Marie is out to get her. Tanya is nonplussed by Dina Marie's reputation and confronts her in the backyard, challenging her to a ring fight. The girls don't even bother removing their pantyhose, tight skirts and blouses as Dina Marie quickly takes the lead and kicks Tanya a few times in the crotch. Tanya is pulled up from the canvas and is slapped repeatedly in the face as she is trapped in the corner. Knees to Tanya's crotch nearly floor the beautiful blonde, but she rallies with some devastating blows and stomps of her own which all but knock out her raven-haired enemy. Both girls catch their breath as they get set for a hard-hitting bare-knuckled punching contest where each girl's face and body are repeatedly battered. Blood is drawn and one fighting femme winds up wearing only her pantyhose as this wild fracas culminates in a standing head scissors in which the battered loser promises to kiss the winner's ass.