1 hour — $59.95

After inviting Nefertiti to a wrestling match, Candi, in tank top and shorts, decides to warm up with a sinewy, sensuous striptease. Nefertiti arrives to find the perky blonde totally naked and eager to fight right there in the empty room. Nefertiti accepts and approaches her nude forãonly to be ambushed from behind by a nude Julie. As the black battler is held down, her white bikini is pulled off and Nefertiti finds herself fighting for her survival as her light-skinned captors violate and abuse her delectable, dark flesh. Nefertiti's breasts, crotch and ass endure myriad assaults as she is scissored, straddled, pinched and grabbed by the treacherous Julie and Candi. As Nefertiti succumbs to a sweaty naked facesit smother, it looks like the end. Unfortunately, it doesn't end that easily - not when Candi and Julie have more biting, spanking and groping torture in mind for this ebony pussycat.
Our second nude encounter is an unusual one that starts with Nikki and Mia doing an on-camera audition for a vampire movie. The director intends to film the ladies as they try to knock each other out as often and as quickly as they can. This cinema verite will continue to film the fighting vamps until one finds a unique and imaginative way to drink the loser's blood. Nikki wastes no time punching Mia out in the backyard and sinking her teeth into the brunette's stomach. Nikki then drags Mia into the living room, but is herself gut-punched into unconsciousness. Mia begins chewing on Nikki's leg, but her tawny opponent revives to turn the tables. Each girl, both inevitably stripped of their bikinis to expose more edible flesh, takes her turn feasting on the other's body parts, after choking, smothering and otherwise knocking her foe out cold. But, it is a rather bloodless affair ‚ until the battle spills into the bedroom. After one girl is spanked, squeezed and tormented into oblivion, her captor, finally unhinged, sinks her teeth into her victim's beckoning crotch. A bloody, extreme ending, not for the faint of heart.