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When biker girl Hollywood returns home she is surprised by intruder Star Chandler, who hand gags the startled California babe and quickly forces her onto the couch. There Hollywood's screams and breath are stifled by a pillow as Star, one of the great bondagettes, gags the struggling brunette with a bandana and ties her securely with belts and straps. Hollywood is no more than Star's plaything as the sultry captor teases and taunts her helpless captive who can only react with futile writhes and muffled screams. Star even traps the bound Hollywood in a leg scissors, promising even more degrading, delicious domination with every tantalizing taunt. No real combat here, but oh, what a sight to behold!
Shannan is sure a sore loser, as is evidenced in our next match when she learns that she's lost the title of Best Breasts to the darkly delicious Darlisa. The livid brunette attacks the strutting black girl and slaps her repeatedly, eventually crushing Darlisa's bared breasts with her own. As Darlisa writhes in pain, Shannan phones the pageant organizers to tell them that Darlisa's breasts are "broken". The enraged ebony princess charges at Shannan and proceeds to some ass-whuppin' of her ownăliterally. In addition to even more breast crushing, Shannan's full derriere is subjected to stinging spanks as Darlisa is bent on payback. Shannan does get her own licks in, but she is more victim than victor in this one as her lip is bloodied and her breasts, crotch and especially her butt are subjected to Darlisa's violent vengeance.