1 hour — $59.95

This mammary-mauling tape begins with an angry Julie DC addressing the camera about a challenge a mystery lady called Plenty Up Top has made. The proud and unbelievable busty redhead then issues her own challenge. Later we see that it is Shannan, she of the wonderfully exaggerated curves, who arrives to accept the challenge, The two luscious ladies bare and compare their industrial strength breasts filling the screen with fantastic flesh. After some viciously venal verbal abuse by both ladies, which goes on through the whole tape these girls really don't seem to like each other) --- a mutual challenge is issued to see who is the all-around strongest. These tit titans enter a variety of strength contests: bear-hug lifts, arm wrestling, leg wrestling, hand to hand, Boston crabs, backbreakers, and other power struggles each top-heavy tussler determined to prove that her breasts can't be beat.
The breasts are but one target of torture in our next battle, set in the ring. Christine intends to reduce Lisa to a quivering mass by torturing her Titian-haired rival's breasts and crotch. And for the first few minutes that's exactly what Christine does as Lisa's bra is ripped off and her firm boobs are pinched, groped and smacked until she falls to the mat, only to have her crotch stomped by Christine's driving foot. After more crotch grabbing and breast brutalizing, Lisa turns the table and it is Christine who suffers at the hands (and teeth) of an angry Lisa. When Lisa notices Christine's nipple ring, she realizes even newer means of inflicting pain to her brown-haired adversary.