1 hour — $59.95

It's another pair of two-against-one domination action as we begin with the newly formed team of Nikki and Star challenging any and all comers. When the fiery Francesca accepts their challenge the deadly duo plot to teach the Latin lioness a painful lesson. Francesca is no easy victim as she overwhelms Star with throws, backbreakers and stomps. So confident is Francesca that she proceeds to taunt and attack Nikki while Nikki is still in a neutral corner. Star manages to mount a counterattack and Nikki joins in on the carnage. From that point on Francesca is a helpless recipient of one assault after another. She's hung upside-down in the corner as her stomach is kicked and her throat stomped. With her hands bound behind her Francesca just lies helplessly as her torturers repeatedly step on her throat and breasts until she spews. Star uses handcuffs to pound a gash into Francesca's forehead and forces the beaten girl to suck her toes. The pounding continues until the semi-conscious Francesca is lifted for a devastating piledriver. How much pain can one poor woman take?
Which is the question you'll ask yet again when it is Mia who must survive the double-team assault from Hollywood and Stacy. This match was filmed before Mia's pregnancy and features a still-blonde Hollywood who is determined to avenge her friend Cheryl's defeat at the hands of Mia and her sister Nina in Tape #440. The blonde bullies waste no time in thrashing Mia all over the ring, similar to Francesca in the first match of this tape. However, Hollywood resorts to a very sharp tool in order to gouge Mia's forehead here. After a powerful piledriver and the ritualistic binding and spew-inducing stomping, Stacy and Hollywood prepare for even more brutal mayhem as they bring a chair into the ring and swing it high over Mia's head. Mia can only wish it will be over soon, but Hollywood and Stacy have other ideas.