1 hour — $59.95

These matches were commissioned by two of our superheroine-loving customers and are not part of George PÈrez's Sisterhood of Superheroines series. And, while not as ambitious as that series, these energy-charged matches sure do fill the bill when it comes to bodacious babes duking it out in capes and boots. Our first match is a straight ring wrestling encounter, with Super Shelly (in a new red, white and blue costume) facing Sandy Claws (Sandy, reprising her SoS character from Tape #491). A seesawing test of strength leads into a series of painful surfboards, leglocks and choke holds. Gloved punches and booted feet painfully pounding against superheroine crotches are coupled with hard, stinging spanks as this titanic tussle grows more violent with every earth-shattering maneuver. Not surprisingly, the famed enormous breasts of these voluptuous vixens are way too tempting as targets and are often bared and assaulted as well. Blonde bombshells, each more powerful than a locomotive, fill the ring with savage fury!
Next we find the Masked Bandit (Hollywood) entering a home to retrieve a hidden tape only to encounter Spider Woman (Jewell, in a black regalia of bikini, mask, boots, gloves and cape). A furious fistfight ends with Spider Woman knocking out the pistol-packing intruder. However, before Spider Woman can leave, she is surprised by Wundarr Woman in a similar red outfit with a gold lariat wrapped around her waist. Spider Woman is KO'd and her unconscious body is draped over Wundarr Woman's shoulders as she is carried into the bedroom. The blonde heroine replaces Spider Woman's power pills with knockout pills, but is then pistol-whipped by the Masked Bandit who is in turn attacked by Spider Woman, who thinks she's recharged herself with her power pills. Unfortunately, the weakened Spider Woman is no match for the Bandit now and she is beaten down, just as Wundarr Woman returns to face the bandit once more. Fists fly fast and furious in this superheroine saga wherein an alliance is eventually formed --and quickly destroyed by a surprise phone call that once again turns one superheroine against the other.