1 hour — $59.95

When world-famous 1978 Playboy Playmate of the Year DEBRA JO FONDREN arrived for her interview to join the DT wrestling team she runs into her number one fan (and Playmate-wannabe) Stacy Burke. Stacy's fanaticism sours quickly when she realizes that her idol intends to become yet another rival in the wrestling ring. Not wanting to confront the more-experienced grappler, Debra Jo attempts to leave, but is ambushed and chloroformed into unconsciousness. The blonde beauty awakens to find herself stripped down to a black bikini in the wrestling ring with Stacy, wearing her championship belt, challenging her from the opposite corner. The crazed Stacy begins giving Debra Jo some hard lessons in wrestling as the Playmate is subjected to the painful likes of leg scissors, camel clutches, bow and arrows, head locks and other holds and throws. Debra Jo is a quick study, however and soon returns the favor, catching her taunting tutor in the same holds. Stacy is in real trouble for a while - until she bites her way out of a head scissors. The crazed Stacy proceeds to teach the ambitious topless centerfold what really made Stacy a DT wrestling champion - cheating!
The second match introduces yet another famed Playboy centerfold, Miss December of 1982 CHARLOTTE KEMP, to the DT fold as she is pitted against another newcomer, Marilyn. Marilyn arrives at the DT wrestling ring to find the long-legged redhead Charlotte doing some warm-up exercises in preparation for the same wrestling audition that the blonde Marilyn intended to nab. Unimpressed with Charlotte's Playmate credentials, Marilyn challenges Miss December to a match right then and there and in the early stages the sleek Charlotte seems to regret accepting as she is punched, kicked and pummeled around the ring by her full-figured foe. Stripped down to her bikini bottoms, Charlotte is wobbly as Marilyn's violent barrage sends her crumpling into the ring corner. It would seem that Marilyn might have an uneasy win - until Charlotte pulls out a bottle of chloroform. We won't say who actually wins this match, but it doesn't end in the ring. One beaten, topless beauty later finds herself suspended from a ceiling beam as the victor arrives wearing dominatrix regalia (which she changes a few times), intent on administering some more body-reddening punishment. Two Playboy Centerfolds making their catfighting and wrestling debuts on one tape! What more could you ask for?