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Not very much fighting on this tape, but definitely a whole lot of heated girl on girl action. Our first story introduces the nubile and provocative Nina who challenges the delectable Dina Marie to a heated dance of passion. It isn't long before the bosomy blonde and bronze bombshell strip down from their already tiny dresses to their thongs and the dance swelters with hands, breasts and lips sliding against each other's glistening, glorious skin. Breasts are sensuously squeezed and kissed and one hard body presses forcefully against another as each gyrating girl vies for sensual superiority. Which girl will melt first? Who will be the winner? In a steamy scenario like this, can there really be a loser?


Dina Marie is back in the DT dance club when the alluring Yvonne walks in with her eyes sensually trained on the raven-haired siren. A male patron dares Yvonne to seduce Dina Marie in a veritable challenge of the lap dancers. Both girls are dressed in crop tops and micro-minis but it's obvious that those little strips of clothing won't be staying on for long. Finally down to their teeny bottoms, the bump and grind escalates as beautiful bodies press against each other, breasts are fondled like plump cushions and luscious lips pucker and sigh as two absolutely fabulous temptresses give it their all to prove who is the ultimate seducer. As we said, there's little to no fighting on this tape, but if you're into lap dancing and seductive, sinuous moves, then this tape is definitely for you.