80 minutes — $59.95

The masked lady-killer known as the Puma returns! Having destroyed both Nikki (Tape #472) and Stacy (Tape #486) with relative ease, the burly brawler takes on his biggest challenge to date, the marvelous mat veteran Sandy.

Will Sandy's ring savvy be enough to overcome the Puma's awesome assault of headlocks, surfboards, body throws, claws and body blows? Or, in the end, will the blonde be yet another beaten beauty succumbing to the Puma's final sleeper hold?

Our next match finds Hollywood angrily pacing the ring after her scheduled female opponent pulls a no-show. Anxious to fight somebody, the leggy lovely coerces the groundskeeper Peter to fight her in the ring.

Peter reluctantly agrees and quickly regrets his decision as the angry amazon takes out all her frustrations on the buff beefcake. Peter is thrown, scissored, choked and punched mercilessly as he tries desperately to stand up to Hollywood's fearsome barrage. But don't count Peter out quite yet.

502 Finally, Stacy, dressed in jeans and bikini top, really dominates the hapless Josh in our final match. Actually, match may not be the correct term here. Josh is definitely no match for Stacy as the petite powerhouse totally annihilates her male opponent with blows and throws that leave the humbled hombre a helpless heap on the canvas.