1 hour — $59.95

Our first flesh fantasy finds the lovely Lisa cast incredibly as Jewell's mother (!) in a saucy tale of a generation gap gone viciously awry. When Lisa learns that her disrespectful daughter is dating the same man she is it is more than a mother can bear. Jewell doesn't take her mom's ire and threats seriously but soon a totally naked mama is ready to duke it out with her little tramp offspring who is dressed in bare crotch fetish attire, including tape on her full, lovely breasts. Mama Lisa is definitely out to punish her errant brat and Jewell's body parts are constant targets of spanks, slaps, and myriad forms of physical abuse. But, Jewell has learned a lot from her malicious mother and dishes out as much as she receives. Who will win this battle of the generations?

When last we saw Candi in WOW Tape #495 she was bound and tied to the bed after being brutally mauled by Santana. When Darlisa, in a pink bikini, enters the temptation of all that lovely ivory skinned nakedness is too much to resist as Darlisa remembers her last confrontation with Candi, which plays out in flashback. In that ring match Candi dominated the dark and delicious Darlisa who was pinned and stripped naked as Candi groped the beaten black girl's crotch, set herself down for several smothering facesits, and otherwise, bit, groped and tortured Darlisa. Darlisa eventually found herself being ridden around the ring like a chestnut filly by her blonde jockey. And this was but a small example of the indignities Darlisa suffered. Now, unable to fight back, Candi is easy prey for Darlisa's bombardment of spanks, prods, bites and other humiliations as she pays the painful price for her past sins.