85 minutes — $59.95

Two of our sexiest new girls, blonde Tanya and brunette Jewell go at it in this multi-fall ring match where every fall ends with one unconscious girl being pinned by her gleeful conqueror. The buxom Shannan has the difficult task of referring this bombastic encounter between two babes so bountifully bodacious that it comes as no surprise that their flimsy tops soon tear away to let their bounty pour forth. Scissors, facesits and even knees and blows are utilized by these lethal lovelies as one girl then another falls to a smothering, breath-robbing defeat. At the match's end Shannan holds the victor's arm up as they stand over the loser -- only to find herself going toe to toe against the winner. Another beauteous battler joins the other in slumberland as a devastating double smother puts an end to two women at once. This is one fiery KO tournament.

Next, Mia, looking more and more like her old trimmer fighting self, shows off her body for the cameras outside the ring. Hollywood is unimpressed with the California Kid and calls Mia a "creampuff." Them's fighting words for Mia! After they decide to carry the fight into the ring Hollywood uses the middle rope to injure Mia's crotch as she tries to enter the squared circle. Hollywood proceeds to demolish Mia, attacking the brunette in her supposedly neutral corner before the official bell sounds. Mia is quickly trapped in Hollywood's trademarked sleeper hold and the first fall is decidedly Hollywood's. But don't count Mia out on this one. At one point she belly punches Hollywood even after her own wrists are tied with her bikini top. A breathtaking hand smother finally ends this relatively brief match -- but, just when you think this one's over -- it ain't.