1 hour — $59.95

Two very different specialty contests on this tape, beginning with another of our multi-fall indoor breast battles. Featured this time are two pairs of the most awesome bosoms ever with the massive redhead Julie DC going after golden-maned Sandy's Best Breast title. Mammoth mammaries are crushed, bodies are bent and smooth skin glisten with sweat as these two top-heavy hellcats endure challenge after challenge, bending each other, going nipple to nipple, flesh to flesh in this contest for topless supremacy. In the end only one big-busted beauty can be the best of the breasts.

Next we feature the tantalizing Tanya challenging the precious Jewell to a mock knife fight to see who can "die" the most convincingly and which of them can score the most "kills." Despite the non-lethal fantasy aspects the girls really get into attacking each other and aim the telescoping blades deep into various parts of their luscious bodies. They struggle to dominate each other as one girl, then another, valiantly strains to keep that blade from pressing against her heaving flesh. As each girl "comes back to life" she arises with a renewed determination to prove that she is the ultimate babe with the blade.