1 hour — $59.95

She's back! After too long an absence the lean and lethal Julie Winchester returns to the wrestling ring, ready to ride roughshod over a new generation of females. And new certainly describes Nefertiti, a sultry black battler who is so unimpressed with Julie that she actually dares to call the Titian-haired veteran "Grandma." That may prove a big mistake for the dark newcomer. The tops are ripped away as bodies both light and dark endure a series of battering throws, holds and blows that definitely shows that this Winchester is still the lethal weapon she always was. However, Nefertiti is both young and ambitious and determined to put an end to this "old lady's" attempt at a comeback. Julie Winchester was one of our original superstars; Nefertiti may well be one of our new ones.
It seems that Mia, the cowgirl known as the California Kid, has once again fallen prey to her archenemy Tasha as we begin our next segment with Mia pinned and struggling as bad girl Tasha gloats for the camera. We see Mia defeated: next we flashback to see how it all happened. Dressed in her cowboy hat, bikini and six-shooter, Mia awaits the arrival of the ref to make sure that Tasha doesn't cheat and make unwanted amorous overtures on Mia's body. However, Tasha's not about to look and not touch and soon she is all over her topless girl-toy. Mia is choked and poked, pinned and pinched, straddled and rattled, squeezed and teased by the blonde terror in the black bikini. You think you know how this match will end, don't you? Well, there are some unexpected twists and turns at the end that should leave you guessing as to whether the prologue was genuine -- or Tasha's fantasy.