1 hour — $59.95

Tough blonde pro Bobcat unleashes her feline fury twice more in the Double Trouble wrestling ring. Her first opponent is the sexy ring vet Hollywood, who intends to make up for her humiliating loss to pro grappler Jeanne Bruso in Tape #481. Hollywood calls upon all her years of pro training to give the bigger blonde a real fight.

Perfectly executed pro holds like full-nelsons, stepover toeholds, arm bars, headlocks, arm stretches and leg scissors are leveled back and forth by both of the tough tootsies. However, neither powerhouse is above getting a few good punches and kicks in, and chokes are applied with equal relish. Bobcat's boots may make her kicks harder, but it's going to take more than that to stop the barefoot dynamo called Hollywood.
The second match finds Bobcat playing a gal named Sue, out to avenge herself against Pam who not only made her submit to one camel clutch after another in a previous match, but also stole Sue's boyfriend! Pam is played by the lithe and lovely Sabrina, making a more than impressive Double Trouble debut. And a smashing debut it is as the blonde sneaks up behind Bobcat and bashes her repeatedly with a broomstick. The battle that ensues is fast and furious.

Despite some impressive pro-holds like hip tosses, cobra clutches, leg scissors, surfboards and stepover toeholds, the wrestlers often resort to such unscientific standbys as punches to the belly, kicks to the groin, hairpulls and chokes. Attempted sleepers are overturned and eventually one wrestler does find herself in that dreaded camel clutch. But is it over yet? That broomstick is still there... waiting...