I hour — $59.95

Before our first ring match commences, Lisa and Eve both confide to the cameraman that they each intend to smash their opponent's crotch to a pulp. Both topless from the outset, Lisa gets in the first blow as she sneaks up behind Eve before the opening bell. Eve recovers enough to start her own reign of terror upon Lisa's vulnerable privates. Back and forth it goes as the ring reverberates from the girls' screams as pain explodes from between their legs. With every kick and knee, every taloned claw, every grinding foot and every hard-knuckled punch, sensitive splits are ravaged beyond human endurance. Even the ring ropes are utilized as a weapon by one inventive combatant. However, it takes a sharp set of teeth to finally bring one crotch crusher to victory as the other beauty lies on the mat unconscious, her legs split in painful surrender.
The punches are aimed a little higher in our next encounter. Jewell and Francesca are lounging on the couch and decide to test out which of them can endure the most body blows. Before long however it becomes apparent that these lovely ladies can not only take a lot of punishment, they actually like it. In fact, it turns them on. Belly punches, and butt spanks mix with luscious licks and smoldering kisses as these topless tigresses treat each other's bodies like erotic bop-bags. One girl pretty much surrenders to her opponent's assault, but as she is tied to a ladder to receive even more body assaults one can only wonder if she didn't actually prefer to lose. An unusual and erotic encounter between two of our hottest females.