75 minutes — $59.95

In our first naked narrative, the willowy Tasha once again takes on the sensuous Francesca in a ring riot that finds both women getting turned on as each loses more of her clothes in during the course of this extra long battle. Tasha is the first to go totally bare, but that's never slowed down this ferocious blonde. When a breathless Francesca is stripped as well, the action gets hotter than the California summer. The battle swings back and forth as the girls relish ripping into each other's privates and turning each other on. The real turning point, however, is one of the girls learns from a ring official that her enemy is extremely susceptible to hypnosis. When that proves to be true, the sexy hypnotist knows that she is going to enjoy playing with her entranced slave.
Our second flesh fantasy starts with Santana luxuriating in the backyard hot tub as Candi arrives, believing that there's a pool party going on. No such luck„Santana knows that the blonde has been seeing Santana's boyfriend. Before she realizes that it's a trap, Candi is pulled into the Jacuzzi and is almost drowned by her supposed friend. Stripped naked, Candi is choked by the dark-skinned beauty. Candi manages to get out of the tub, but Santana takes her to the mat and further punishes the blonde with facesits, nipple pinches, slaps, straddles and leg scissors. After even more anguish, the unconscious Candi is taken into the bedroom where Santana continues pouring pain all over her naked lily-white skin.