70 minutes — $59.95

In the ring, newcomers Crystal and Jewell ask the legendary Hollywood for some wrestling lessons. What Hollywood doesn't know is that these two newbies are plotting to take down the mat veteran. However, Jewell and Crystal may have bitten off more than they could chew. Crystal volunteers to be first and tries to jump Hollywood from behind. The bright blonde soon ends up on the mat and caught in Hollywood's expert arm bar. A surfboard follows a leg scissors as Crystal painfully rues her decision. After a sleeper hold sends Crystal to la-la land it is the nervous Jewell's turn to face the seasoned pro. Jewell fares little better as full-nelsons, headlocks, figure-four leglocks and other well-executed holds culminate in yet another sleeper hold which sends the young brunette into the land of nod. Even as the two challengers take turns retaliating against a tiring Hollywood it's obvious that individually Crystal and Jewell don't stand a chance unless they gang up on her. Soon it is Hollywood the teacher who is about to receive a painful lesson in payback.
Our next match brings Mia, in her "California Kid" regalia of tiny white bra, cowboy hat and tight jeans, and her old adversary Tasha, in a black bikini top and bicycle pants, to a multi-fall contest. Tasha is definitely excited about getting physical with her favorite girl-toy and immediately starts clawing and punching Mia's crotch. As Mia's head is caught in an excruciating head scissors, Tasha proceeds to undo Mia's belt and unzip her jeans. A furious Mia turns the tables on the willowy blonde and traps her in a matchbook pin, winning the first fall. The pants are off at the start of the next fall as the confident Mia challenges Tasha to a test of strength. Instead, Tasha rips into Mia's pert breasts and continues torturing the brunette's mammaries even as Tasha traps Mia in surfboards, smothers and every manner of destruction she can muster. However, even after her bra and panties are pulled down to expose her round butt, Mia is no pushover this time, and Tasha ends up on the receiving end more often than she's used to. In the end one beaten girl awakens to find herself bound to a chair as her amorous oppressor prepares to celebrate her victory all over the loser's helpless body.