55 minutes — $59.95

Cheryl is challenged by Sandy to join the Creampuff Club by beating Mia in a match. Cheryl scoffs that she's already defeated Mia several times and that there's no need to prove herself by once again beating a "workout dummy". They both, however, desire to get the championship belt and challenge each other to match. The pink-suited Sandy catches Cheryl in a headlock but Cheryl quickly counters with a painful hammerlock. When Sandy reverses that hold, it's obvious that we're in for some intense pro-style action. Cheryl's feet dangle as she suffers through Sandy's reverse bearhug. Sandy snarls in pain as Cheryl traps her in a stepover toehold. Head scissors, Boston crabs, wristlocks, and airplane spins are but a few of the great holds these hellcats use until one weary warrior surrenders to a stretching submission.
In our second match, the "creampuff" in question, Mia is pumping iron in the ring as the bikini-clad Jewell enters the ring, supposedly to learn a few wrestling maneuvers. Mia puts Jewell through a series of headlocks, head throws and flips, ending the lesson with several punches and knees to Jewell's belly. Jewell then reveals her true intentions of joining the Creampuff Club by beating Mia with her own holds and blows. At first, it is Jewell who is caught in an encore presentation of the holds, throws and blows that Mia had subjected her to before. Mia uses Jewell's own bra to choke her. However, once Jewell gets Mia in a tight waist scissors, the advantage changes hands and Mia once again struggles not to become yet another wrestler's creampuff.