1 hour — $59.95

Nikki has definitely displayed bad attitude before, but this time she intends to channel her bad vibes on that other ravishing redhead, Eve in a three-out-of-five falls match to determine who will fight the current DT champion. Nikki, in black top, red shorts wastes no time showing how nasty she can be as she digs her nails into Eve's face and eyes. Dressed in white top and shorts, Eve looks almost like a virgin sacrifice as Nikki stomps Eve's groin and chest, belly-punches her in the corner and tosses her all over the ring. Nikki's intention is to make Eve her slave, and looks like she may actually get her wish. However, Eve may be down, but she's not out, and she shows her fiery opponent that Nikki isn't the only Double Trouble redhead with a bad attitude.
Tanya is another babe with bad attitude in the second match. Tanya has quickly become one of our most popular wrestlers„and no one knows that better than Tanya herself, who tries to extort a ridiculously high cut of DT Productions' profits. When Tanya calls some muscle to "convince" the producer, Kristie enters the ring to confront the buxom blowhard. Kristie is quickly knocked out by Tanya, making Tanya even more assured of her own invulnerability. Kristie rises to her feet and proceeds to disabuse the blonde braggart of that notion. Tanya is punched and stomped savagely until blood trickles from her luscious lips. Whimpering like a wounded kitten, Tanya soon learns that no own gets away with bad attitude towards the Double Trouble producers.