1 hour — $59.95

In our first match, stunning Star Chandler, in her sexy little red dress, stockings and heels, is the dream secretary every boss wants„and exactly the competition that office queen bee Hollywood does NOT want. Dressed in blouse, skirt and heels, Hollywood lords over the new girl who gives as good as she gets with the trash talk. Hollywood orders Star to meet her in the rec room after work to settle their differences. Star arrives to find her nemesis dressed only in bra and hose. Star starts to strip off her clothes but is attacked by the rampaging Hollywood. The new girl is slapped, punched and squeezed as she is tossed around the room by her hair. Hollywood drops her guard just long enough for Star to reverse the tide of action and soon it is Star who has stripped down to her underwear and is torturing her big-mouthed co-worker. In the end one girl is kissing her victor's feet and ends up trapped in a tight head scissors as the winner phones their boss to announce just who the real office queen bee is.
The fabulous and exotic Devin Demoore makes her DT debut as Francesca's roommate who is ready to go out on the town with her boyfriend. Francesca, in bra and panties, is upset that Devin used the rent money to buy her new black mini-dress and decides to teach her irresponsible roomie a lesson. Devin is caught in several devastating chokeholds by her Latin girlfriend. Her wonderful breasts popping out of her black dress, Devin struggles to regain her breath as the topless Francesca uses her hands, feet and powerful tanned legs to crush the breath out of Devin's lungs. At one point, even Devin's own lustrous black hair is used against her. Victimized on the floor, the couch, and on the coffee table, Devin eventually finds herself handcuffed to a chair as Francesca decides that her breathless roommate still has not suffered enough.