1 hour — $59.95

As we learned in Tape #488, to become a member of the Creampuff Club, all you have to do is beat Mia soundly in the ring. Lisa's attempt in that taped match proved unsuccessful, no thanks to the referee Sandy. Mia still has a grudge against the big-breasted blonde, who intends to be the first inductee to that club. In this one-fall contest, Sandy wastes no time taking charge as she arm flips the mighty Mia and catches her in a standing head scissors, which promptly becomes a sitting head scissors as Sandy keeps her thighs tightly wrapped around Mia's head. Mia undoes Sandy's bra, but Sandy quickly grabs it and uses it to choke Mia-- while she's breast smothering her. With belly punches, airplane spins, clotheslines, backbreakers and bearhugs, the odds aren't very good for Mia as Sandy looks well on her way to being a charter member of the Creampuff Club.
Next, the gorgeous Jewell referees a 6-out-of-11-falls match between two of our most popular blondes, Stacy and Tanya. Each girl starts the match in sexy bra and cheerleader skirts. The tone of this championship match is established from the starting bell as Stacy returns Tanya's attempt at a handshake with a flurry of belly blows. Tanya is completely overwhelmed by the brutal champ's initial assault and soon finds herself pinned to the mat and stripped of her skirt. When the ref fails to admonish Stacy for jumping the bell in the second fall, Tanya goes berserk and nails Stacy with a few good belts of her own. A breast smother and pin evens the score and soon it is Stacy whose skirt is removed. Inevitably, Jewell has her hands fall as both golden goddesses end up topless with the holds, chokes, throws and pins mounting up until only one flaxen haired beauty remains standing to claim victory. But, in the end, will it be Stacy who keeps her belt, or will Tanya become the DT's newest champion?