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A specially priced Yuletide edition of our popular Sisterhood of Superheroine series! Hollywood returns as Vixxen (formerly Blonde Vixen), whom we find in the Arena of Champions battling a hulking opponent called the Oppressor. While Vixxen comes close to defeat when she is caught in a crushing bearhug and belly-punched in the Arena corner, her Torture Gauntlets save the day. Afterwards, the superheroine learns that the Network has created a replacement power costume for her a Christmas present of sorts.

On Christmas Day, Hollywood answers her doorbell to find a buxom blonde Santa's helper (Sandy) delivering the package. Hollywood gleefully puts on her sexy new Vixxen outfit and suddenly receives a distress signal from her friend Femme Fatale. Vixxen teleports to the Arena of Champions and discovers the delivery girl waiting for her. The sexy blonde announces herself as Sandy Claws and that Vixxen has fallen into her trap.
Sandy Claws manipulates her ornamental belt buckle and sends Vixxen crumpling to the mat in pain. Vixxen's new costume is actually a torture device, controlled by the buckle. The quivering Vixxen becomes easy prey for the jolly villainess who kicks, punches, spanks and throws Vixxen all over the Arena. After a while, Vixxen manages to wrest the control device from her torturer's green-gloved hand, and, the playing field evened, administers her fair share of punching, spanking and stomping punishment and eventually Sandy's face and breasts are caught in the grip of Vixxen's Torture Gauntlets. Vixxen's victory may be short-lived, however, as the Christmas criminal manages to retrieve the control device and proceeds to show the again-weakened superheroine why she is called Sandy CLAWS!

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