55 minutes — $59.95

We begin this ring fight double feature with California surfer girl Stacy and Tropical wave rider Santana challenging each other to prove who is the more powerful beach babe. A series of extensive fingerlocking tests of strength has the surfing sisters straining their upper muscles to the max. After exhausting their arms and fingers the tanned tigresses take turns torturing each other with backbreaking surfboard stretches. By the time one topless tigress is done, she is crumpled in a corner nursing her wounds - with revenge burning in her eyes.
Our second ring challenge starts with Mia and Sandy chatting about the good old days when Lisa comes up and tells them about a new DT title contest. It has this strange "creampuff" clause saying that anyone who can't beat Mia won't get to move on. Understandably, this insulting codicil angers Mia and she and Lisa challenge each other for the first match with Sandy refereeing. Lisa wastes no time in resorting to dirty tactics and it's soon obvious to Mia that Sandy doesn't seem to care. Lisa takes charge with leg scissors and an awesome assortment of holds, and even takes a jump off the ropes onto Mia. But, suddenly, it all changes and it's Mia's turn to dish out the hurt. The violence seems to go on for an eternity, but in the end Sandy stands cockily with the victor and brags that the winner won't stand a chance against Sandy. To be continued . . .