1 hour — $59.95

This tape features the incredibly beautiful and buxom Tanya Danielle in two very unique specialty indoor matches. The first match begins with the tantalizing one interrupting Santana's workout and accusing the exotic beauty of messing with Tanya's man. The ensuing fight soon turns into a violent choking encounter with each girl finding a variety of useful weapons to squeeze the life and breath from her opponent. Ropes, sticks, tops and even their own bare hands are used to repeatedly knock out a topless opponent. Finally, a plastic bag is wrapped around one gasping beauty's head and, as the victim's eyes glaze over and her mouth goes slack, it appears to finally be over. But, is it?
Tanya is next challenged by the sensational Shannan, who is determined to prove herself Tanya's superior, both physically and sensually. A multi-level contest begins with a fingerlocking test of strength that leaves one girl straddling the other on the floor. Following an arm wrestling match these bosomy beauties take turns lifting each other in various ways and engage in awesome breast to breast bearhugs. Bosom pins, Boston Crabs and leg scissors are applied as well. However, when you see these girls oiling their bodacious buttocks for our first-ever butt-press contest, you'll realize just how unique this sexy competition is. These ladies are obviously turned on by each other in this wonderfully erotic exercise session - and so will you.