90 minutes — $59.95

A trio of male vs. female encounters begins with the return of the sinister Puma, out to add another beautiful victim to his list after beating Nikki Steele in Tape #474. This time his target is tough little blonde Stacy Burke and the lovely lady soon learns that this masked monster isn't going to be content with just beating her. He's out to totally destroy her. Will Stacy have what it takes to stop the Puma from proving that he is mightier than any female?
Our next match is another of our topless multi-girl slugfests which begins with the exercising blondes Stacy and Candi complaining about always getting gut-punched by Mark in these matches. They decide to teach the guy a lesson as he enters the ring unaware of his upcoming fate. Mark's slaughter is total as Candi and Stacy delight in getting even with this fool, Suddenly, Santana rushes into the ring to save Mark and soon has the flaxen-haired beauties doubled over with belly bombs of her own. Santana finds the blondes easy pickings - but that kind of overconfidence usually ends up backfiring.
Finally we have a new macho male taking on one of our veteran lethal ladies. Busty golden girl Sandy goes against the muscular golden guy Peter in a series of tests of strength to determine which battling blond is the best. A fingerlock contest is soon followed by elbow smashes and a bearhug which forces Sandy's black bra off her massive bosoms. Both battlers take turns clawing and torturing each other's chest - although it is Peter who definitely has his hands full.