1 hour — $59.95

This tape features a pair of our popular two-against-one battles with one broken lady ending up bound and bloodied after being devastated by two vicious vixens. But, as in the case of the haughty Raq-L in our first match, it isn't as if these victims weren't asking for the whooping of their lives. Ravishing Raq-L makes the mistake of insulting mat veterans Mia and Sandy during a ring interview and the blonde braggart soon finds herself topless and fighting furiously to defend herself against their relentless attacks. Raq-L is barely conscious as she is piledriven into the mat and is totally defenseless as one of her vengeful foes uses a sharp to tool to gouge into Raq-L's forehead. With her wrists tied behind her, the barely conscious beauty is a helpless doormat as Mia and Sandy each take turns stomping on her until they literally stomp the spit out of her.
Our second match is similar to the first encounter, but this time it is the fiery Francesca who makes the mistake of pissing off the deadly duo of Sandy and Christine. All our longtime fans know just how well Francesca can suffer and she doesn't disappoint here. As Christine and Sandy pump up the punishment, the little Latina screams, moans and groans with ever-intensifying agony. Eventually and inevitably Francesca can take no more after being punched and thrown and into semi-conscious submission. In the end, with a pressure point sleeper and powerful piledrivers to finish her off, Francesca too lies beaten and broken - another victim of a degrading, spit-spewing defeat.