1 hour — $59.95
483 This fantastic festival of ferocious feminine flesh begins with the introduction of the seven gorgeous gladiators who will fight it out beneath the midday sun to determine who the new nude champion will be. After each girl strips off her tiny bikini for the camera, current champ Christine prepares to defend her title against Francesca, Candi, Darlisa, Nikki, Crystal and Tanya. All the girls fight in the ring at once in a steamy battle royal that will leave you sweaty and gasping for air. Every inch of female anatomy is mauled and beaten as allegiances change like the raging tides with two girls double teaming another and then turning on each other. There is no loyalty here - just the desire to win at any cost. One by one the girls go down, littering the canvas with bare, broken bodies until only two glistening hellcats remain to face each other. A nipple ring is used to torture one screaming tigress as the final blows bring a thundering crashing halt to this devastating storm. When, at last, one battle-weary warrior stands over the bodies of her six fallen sisters, she must muster the strength to pile the half-dozen bodies on top of one another to commemorate her hard-won victory.