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While sitting in her office, Candi, in a black catsuit, is attacked from behind by the cat burglar Nikki who demands information on a delivery. Candi claims to know nothing about it, which leads the leather-clad redhead to punish the protesting blonde. Nikki cruelly uses her black-booted legs and gloved hands to squeeze and smother the life out of Candi repeatedly. When Nikki tires of using her appendages to knock out the struggling blonde, she resorts to using her lips as she kisses the breath out of the quivering Candi. It is one truly sensual weapon of destruction!


Our next story is an unusual tale of a dance party gone wrong. As the music plays, club dancer Dina Marie, in a form-fitting black mini-dress, starts dancing with the white-dressed Eve, as Yvonne watches from the sofa. As the sensuous dancers writhe and undulate, they eventually begin to peel each other's clothes off to the hot rhythms, rubbing their bodies together in their seductive dance. When the two girls start kissing, Yvonne gets really pissed and storms off. The next day, Dina is asked to audition a new girl for the club. To Dina's shock, it's Yvonne. The audition becomes another long, erotic, sinuous exercise in body gyrations. The girls get so hot they actually start to water each other down and proceed to lick the water off each other's bodies. Eventually, the dance devolves into body contact of a whole different bent as Yvonne suddenly reels away from Dina's sensuous kisses and a catfight ensues. Whether it's the dancing or the fighting that is the more sensuous will be something you'll have to decide.