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Tasha has long prided herself on her rock-hard abs, abs so strong that they can withstand any punching assault. This is a challenge that the leather-jacketed Kristie cannot resist and she claims to know just how to soften up Tasha's purported steel stomach. Tasha's defiant smile is soon obliterated as Kristie rips off the blonde's denim shorts and proceeds to claw and knead the bikini-clad Tasha's exposed belly. Tasha screams in agony as Kristie adds pounding fists to the torture recipe. There is no escape for Tasha as she is held upright with a hammerlock as Kristie's knuckles jackhammers her gut into rubble.


It is Hollywood who is bent on sending a punchy message in our next match as she vows to tear Candi apart for beating up her friend. Candi shows no fear and refuses to apologize for her actions as she rises to stand up to her brunette challenger. However, the curvaceous blonde is not standing for long as Hollywood rains a storm of flying knuckles on Candi's gut and jaw. Candi's eventual knockout is not enough to satisfy the vicious Hollywood. She wants that apology„even if she has to beat it out of Candi's hide. Candi is revived repeatedly as Hollywood keeps slugging away at her, eventually punching her so hard that Candi falls backward halfway into the DT wrestling ring. Dragging the dazed little blonde into the ring, Hollywood punishes Candi until she gets that apology. Will Candi finally repent? Will it even matter?