1 hour — $59.95


Our first match introduces cute blonde Summer as she receives some wrestling lessons from the sensational Sandy. The whiskey-voiced Summer quickly gets bored and believes she can take on the golden-maned veteran. In seconds, Summer finds herself flipped to the mat. When she is then slammed into the turnbuckle and caught in Sandy's expertly applied chinlocks and leg scissors, it appears that Summer has bitten off way more than she could chew. Or so it seems. Sandy is lifted up and thrown into the ropes, landing on her windpipe. As Summer steps down on Sandy's aching throat it appears that the teacher may have a lot to learn from the student. Eventually a clothesline seems to finish the fight, until it's revealed that one girl is playing possum. After a series of back breakers, airplane spins and breast smothers, the fight is finally settled with a barrage of fists and knees which leaves one beaten blonde sobbing on the mat.


Next we find the tough, solidly built Kristie giving a hard wrestling lesson to the lithe Tasha. Tasha is totally overwhelmed, as her catfighting experience proves no match for Kristie's wrestling savvy. Over and over again, Tasha is totally dominated by the unstoppable, punishing whirlwind that is Kristie. However, the soon-topless blonde doesn't go down without getting some licks in of her own. In fact she even comes close to pinning the powerful Kristie. It is a short-lived triumph however. With a deadly arsenal that includes headlocks, Boston crabs and piledrivers, the sturdy Kristie soon has Tasha struggling just to survive.