1 hour — $59.95


Out in the backyard, Darlisa, dressed in sweats and ready for a tennis game, is confounded to find Crystal dressed in an inappropriately skimpy bikini. The arrogant Crystal bets her chocolate-skinned opponent that she'll win the tennis match regardless and claim Darlisa's $200 sneakers. Later, an infuriated Crystal storms into the house after losing the tennis match and Darlisa strips down to her white bra and panties to collect on her part of the betăten whacks on Crystal's beautiful round ass. This humiliation really gets Crystal mad and leads to a wild, tit-grabbing, ass-slapping catfight where one girl is stripped of her bra and the other left totally nude. The loser is eventually left cowering on the floor as the victor plucks the defeated female's pubic hairs as a victory trophy.


Our second feast of fighting flesh actually contains only brief moments of full nudity, but it's all choice when it comes to these girls. We begin with the precious, and unconscious, Jewell naked and bound on the floor, all but ignored by the bikini-clad Kitty. As Kitty leaves the room, Jewell recovers and, getting back into her bikini, attempts to escape. Unfortunately she walks right into Kitty's choking hands and is eventually out cold again, Kitty pulls down Jewell's pantiesăas she lowers a razor to the fallen girl's exposed crotch. Unfortunately for Kitty, the shaving cream awakens Jewell and Jewell decks Kitty with one punch. Now it's time for Jewell to get in some choking, punching revenge. Eventually, it is Kitty who is totally defrocked with shaving cream slathered on her body as Jewell wields that ominous razor.