1 hour — $59.95


Professional powerhouse Jeanne Bruso makes her second DT appearance taking on the internationally renowned wrestler, Bobcat. The mutual name-calling shows that these two pros have many a past score to settle. Jeanne gets the upper hand quickly as she forces her blonde adversary into the corner. However, Bobcat isn't downed so easily. Headbutts, snapmares, leg drops and monkey flips are but a few of the incredible holds applied. Make no mistake; these girls are tough. A series of mutual chest blows just gets each of them giddy with excitement, but the giddiness disappears when one battler is caught in a devastating figure-four leglock. But still there is no surrender. Then there's a Boston Crab applied that would end any ordinary match. But, this is no ordinary match and these are no ordinary wrestlers. These ladies are pros, and they will leave you breathless!


A leather-clad Bobcat returns in our second pro session to confront one of DT's resident pro grapplers, Cheryl Rusa. Bobcat may have a height advantage over her brunette opponent, but Cheryl more than makes up for it with sheer ferocity. Many a time it is Bobcat who is struggling to survive an onslaught of armbars, bearhugs, surfboards and clothesline blows. The tables turn many times, with Cheryl also being on the receiving end of snapmares, headlocks, head scissors and knees to the belly. Ropes are used to choke and blind an opponent. Figure-four leglocks are applied to deadly effect. When one grappler is caught in a sleeper hold, it appears that the match is over. But it isn't and it's not until the final minutes that an utterly spent loser surrenders to an equally exhausted victor.