DT 471


1 hour — $59.95


Tasha is enraged to find her lover Tara (Eve Ellis) kissing Mia in the middle of the wrestling ring. Mia shows the angry Tasha just how much she loves Tara, by knocking the little redhead out with one punch. After Tasha props Tara up on the ropes, she and Mia decide to settle matters by taking turns knocking out the tramping Tara. The woman who can knock out Tara for good will be allowed to do whatever she wants with the wanton lover. Tara is thus beaten and knocked out over and over by her two angry paramours. Gut punches, sleeper holds, biting and head blows are but a few of the knockout tactics executed on the hapless Tara who is repeatedly revived with kisses and crotch grabs, only to face more punishment. A sneaky chloroform attack ends Tara's misery she eventually ends up indoors, sprawled on the bed as Mia and Tasha realize that this contest is far from over.


We begin our next match with Lisa entering the ring and finding an unconscious Francesca hanging from the corner ropes. In a flash of sadistic inspiration, Lisa picks up a Ping-Pong paddle and barrages Francesca's poor butt over and over. You won't believe the welts on the Latin lovely's round ass as the paddling brings her to painful consciousness. Lisa makes the mistake of allowing Francesca to recover and the lethal Latina bounces back with devastating body blows and chokes which send Lisa into dreamland many times. After each knockout, Francesca stops to photograph her humiliated victim. When Lisa turns the tables, it is Francesca who finds herself the helpless photo model after she is continuously knocked out with belly punches, chokes, neck scissors and facesits. As one naked girl begs for mercy while tied to a bed indoors it is evident that mercy is not in her torturer's vocabulary.