1 hour — $59.95


Our first match brings back one of DT's most popular grapplers whom we haven't seen in some time. The nimble Bobbie has her flexibility sorely tested as she faces the terrific Tasha in a back-bending, back-stretching, backbreaking brouhaha. After an impressive warm-up display, the two lithe lovelies enter the ring and perform some back-arching contortions. They even remove their tops for greater stretching range. Progressively, each girl challenges the other to bend back that much further and with each challenge the girls' competitive spirits get the better of them. When one girl drapes the other backward over her knee, it becomes obvious that this friendly rivalry has turned ugly. One taut, stretched belly arches toward the sun as one tortured victim is cruelly, and creatively, bent backward beyond the threshold of human endurance. Whether it's over the ropes, by the hair, or on the mat, these arch enemies really bend over backwards for your enjoyment.


From two seasoned vets we move on to three wonderful new girls, all making their debuts with Double Trouble Productions. Tall, sinewy French girl Sandra is confronted by tiny blonde Candi-Kane who is out to be the newest DT girl, even if it means whopping Sandra's blonde butt to do it. A wild catfight ensues, with special emphasis on arm torture. Limbs are twisted and arm hairs are pulled as the battle swings to and fro, When another blonde, Crystal, enters the ring, this becomes a three-way feline free-for-all, with allegiances changing like the tide. Tops are ripped off and bodies are crushed, mauled and tangled by scissors, pins and hair pulls as a half-dozen arms receive and inflict various forms of torture. While only one girl can win this match it is obvious that all three of these golden-haired beauties are worthy of being the newest Double Trouble girls.