1 hour — $59.95


Our first story is a bit of a departure for DT Productions as a leather-clad Hollywood, arriving for a photo shoot audition, is ambushed by a trio of jealous models (Shannan, Lisa and Susie) who accuse her of sleeping her way to the top. After a violent session of belly punches, crotch grabs and even tickling, the outnumbered starlet is carried to the couch where she is hand gagged and fondled. Then Hollywood is hog-tied and gagged by the terrible trio who leave their victim to writhe helplessly on the leather sofa for several long minutes. Then, Lisa unexpectedly returns-with a bottle of chloroform. After Hollywood succumbs to the wet rag she eventually awakens to find herself now tied to an office chair. And the struggles continue...


Next we find everybody's favorite Francesca warming up in the ring, vowing to easily destroy Marjone on behalf of her friend Mia. Francesca decides to beat the olive-skinned brunette with the assistance of Kristie but fails to notice the knowing wink that Kristie receives from Marjone. As the handicap match commences, Francesca wastes no time and kicks Marjone in the crotch, warming up the bigger girl for a foot stomping onslaught. When Marjone turns the tables and finally traps Francesca in a head scissors, the Latin lovely reaches for her tag partner. Kristie merely smiles and Francesca realizes that she's made a huge mistake. Poor Francesca is battered mercilessly by Marjone and Kristie until she ends up lying on the mat with her hands tied behind her back and her forehead gouged by a sharp object Marjone finds. But Francesca's troubles haven't ended yet as her two tormentors continually stomp her stomach until she spews. And still it doesn't end! Francesca may have been sure of victory, but this time she was bound to lose.