TAPE 468


1 hour — $59.95


Out in the backyard, the tantalizing Tanya Danielle, in a silvery-blue bikini and heels, boasts about her quick rise in the wrestling world and insults the eavesdropping Kat (Stacy Burke), calling her "a has-been, old-timer, shot-up old hag." After a trash-talking confrontation, Stacy challenges the nervy newbie to a fight in Stacy's apartment. After a bombastic breast-to-breast bearhug initiation, the contest begins, with the prize being that the loser has to kiss the winner's ass. Arm wrestling is the first contest, followed by such varied tests of strength as body pins, facesits, body lifts, more bearhugs, Boston crabs and full nelsons, among others. After a bouncy breast battle, the blonde bombshells strip off their panties and tussle naked on the couch until one nude battler is overwhelmed by the other and performs her butt-bussing duties upon the haughty victor.


Next we go to the ring where mat vet Tasha confronts the bewitching newcomer Jewell. After just a few matches, Jewell has already developed an attitude and accepts Tasha's challenge for a five-fall match wherein the winner can do whatever she wants to the loser. Jewell starts off strong and actually overpowers her blonde opponent with a barrage of belly punches and chokeholds. But even as Jewell threatens to remove Tasha's tiny bikini, the sinewy blonde comes back with a breathtaking chokehold that quickly knocks out the cocky brunette. After a wake up kiss, Jewell realizes that her beginner's luck may have run out as she is assaulted with punches, chokes, airplane spins and even strangulation with her own hair. After carrying the unconscious Jewell into the house, the battle continues, getting more devastating-and erotic-as the destruction continues. Ultimately, a naked Jewell awakens to the sensuous caresses and kisses of her nude blonde mistress. But the always-dangerous Tasha has more than just lust on her mind, as another blow to Jewell's jaw soon makes clear.