1 hour — $59.95


It's a double dose of Magnificent Mia as the tiny titan takes on two of our biggest girls. Our first ring encounter finds Mia reading a note from Julie D.C. who vows to add Mia to her list of wins and to take Mia's bikini as a trophy. As Mia contemptuously tears up the note, the awesome Julie D.C. enters the ring and all hell breaks loose as the fiery redhead bashes the tiny brunette back into the turnbuckles with her massive chest. Mia miraculously manages to knock Julie D.C. down and pins her to the mat. But then Julie D.C. wraps her legs around Mia's waist and pulls the smaller girl's face into her massive mammaries. As Mia struggles for air and barely manages an escape. The bountiful Julie D.C. then tries to squash her smaller opponent, but Mia's determined not to be another prize on Julie D.C.'s trophy case. The end seems near for one grappler-until an unexpected comeback brings about a startling, exhausting, smothering knockout.


Our next battle finds Mia battling her old nemesis, the curvaceous and deadly Quisha, for a seven-round challenge. Quisha thinks that Mia's a creampuff and soon has the feisty brunette in a matchbook pin. Mia counters with an arm stretch and, after a few more holds and chokes, manages to beat Quisha to win the first fall. Expert monkey flips, head scissors, and Boston crabs are intermingled with by hair pulls and foot chokes as these hellacious hellcats swing the advantage back and forth with Quisha herself getting caught in a matchbook pin. At one point science and street tactics converge as one fighter is caught in a combination hair-pull surfboard hold. When one weary warrior finally lies beaten on the mat, the winner knows that this was one hard-fought victory.