1 hour — $59.95


Our first costumed fantasy begins when the bodaciously buxom Farmer's Daughter Julie D.C. breaks into a house to look for some mysterious breast augmentation solution. Why this top-heavy country girl in tiny denim shorts and polka dot top would even need such a formula is a mystery that doesn't have time to be answered as Sailor Dina Marie interrupts the burglary. Julie D.C. is not impressed with Dina Marie's breasts and the redhead pummels the sultry sailor to near oblivion. However, just like another famous fantasy sailor, Dina Marie sees her salvation as she spies a can of spinach on the table. As her redheaded tormentor slathers her bare breasts with the secret formula, Dina Marie chows down on a few leaves-and the nautical dynamo begins to turn the tables on the bucolic bully.


And speaking of bullies-In our next fantasy, former school chums Tanya and Lisa reminisce about how Lisa used to always beat up poor Tanya years ago in school. Now, years later, Lisa, in a tight red mini-dress with matching fishnet stockings, is a wrestling champ and Tanya, in a figure-hugging black two-piece with garter belt and nylons, is looking for some long overdue payback. She challenges the champ for her belt and a $1000 purse. In the ring, Lisa sneaks up on Tanya before the starting bell and quickly overpowers her to win the first fall. However, Tanya, battered but wiser, is not going to let history repeat itself and soon Lisa finds herself with a bloody lip and torn stockings as she futilely tries to fight back Tanya's vengeful assault with wild, non-connecting roundhouse blows and ineffective leg scissors. It's a kick-ass, kiss-ass conclusion for this tale of sweet revenge.