1 hour — $59.95


The tall and delicious Hollywood is bragging about her wrestling prowess as Mia enters the ring looking to avenge her sister Brandy's recent defeat at the hands of the former GLOW girl. Hollywood reacts with arrogant amusement and calls Mia a midget. The challenge is on! A knee to Hollywood's gut shows that Mia means business. In a fast and furious bout filled with expertly executed holds, throws and blows, these two battling beauties show us why they are two of DT's fighting best. Back and forth the battle rages with dual head scissors, schoolgirl presses, arm stretches and crossover toeholds. One of the girls' bikini tops is even used as a choking device. When one gorgeous grappler succumbs to a Boston crab, it appears to be all overčbut then comes a dizzying display of pro greatness with figure-four leglocks, bearhugs and other devastating tactics being applied until one girl is downed by a jawbreaking right cross. But, is it actually over yet?


Next, the bountiful master of the knockout holds, Sandy, is challenged by an exotic newcomer named Kitty to a five-fall battle for supremacy. The dark-haired Kitty, appropriately dressed in a leopard bikini, is definitely no pussycat. Not intimidated by her veteran blonde opponent it's soon evident that Miss Kitty knows her way around the ring and is a force to be reckoned with. But will force be enough? Kitty is quickly overwhelmed by Sandy's barrage of headlocks, armbars, leg scissors, bodyslams and reverse chokeholds. A powerful sleeper hold brings down the newcomer to end the first fall. The following falls are filled with sensational pro holds, with backbreakers, piledrivers, camel clutches and Boston crabs administered to truly painful effect. Each fall ends when one weakened warrior succumbs to yet another deadly sleeper. Which fighter will remain standing in the end, the experienced vet or the fearless novice?