ONE HOUR — $59.95


For the foot fetishists among you, this is your tape. Our first confrontation starts where most fights end as Hollywood succumbs to Candi's legs crushing her during the final minutes of their ring match. With Hollywood seemingly defeated Candi forces the California cutie to lick her feet like the slave she now is. Candi loves the sensation as Hollywood's tongue strokes the bottom of her feet. Unfortunately, Candi lets her ecstasy get the better of her, and soon it is Hollywood who has the bubbly blonde literally underfoot. Licking is supplemented by toe sucking as Candi acts like the servile wench she is. Candi's entire, face and bare-breasted body become Hollywood's doormat as bare feet stomp, step and wipe themselves all over milky white flesh. Now it is Hollywood who is in ecstasy. Will it end up being her undoing as well?


The second match on this tape is another unusual tale where a sleeping Christine awakens to find the following message scribbled on her foot, "I'm gonna kick her ass-Hollywood." Christine is really pissed and vows to humiliate the golden-maned note writer. They meet up later in the ring and each vows to destroy the other. Both girls are wearing skimpy bikinis accentuating their battle-ready bodies. And battle they do as these experienced grapplers trade armbars, snapmares, camel clutches and figure-four leglocks, among other well executed maneuvers-each trying to gain the advantage. At one point, Hollywood begins tickling Christine's foot sending the ebon-haired lovely into hysterics. But, who will get the last laugh in this fight? The answer seems obvious as one girl gloats as her opponent lies unconscious behind her. But then-her opponent rises...