ONE HOUR — $59.95


The backyard finds huge-breasted blonde Sandy, wearing a teensy bikini top, sneakers and denim shorts, waiting impatiently for the arrival of her archenemy Quisha. When her rival arrives, dressed in a similar manner, the two titanic tigresses press their mammoth mammaries together as they spit a challenge at each other. These two bosomy battlers mash each other's breasts with bearhugs and scissors that threaten to explode from the pressure. The battle tumbles into the guesthouse as necks are choked, hair is pulled and boobs are mauled all over the place. As flesh continually slaps against flesh, the sweat on their voluptuous mounds glistens. And you'll sweat, too, as these buxom bombshells battle to a breathtaking submission.


Later, Stacy is in the backyard admiring the way her tight jeans hug her firm, tight figure as Hollywood, also dressed in super-tight denim pants, storms in, totally unimpressed with Stacy. The argument deteriorates into a blue-jean brouhaha as the tiny blonde and her tall toffee-tressed rival claw, punch and squeeze each other just to prove which one of them has the tighter jeans. It's amazing what will set some girls off. But, once the fuse is lit, there is no extinguishing these fighting firecrackers and the tussle eventually pours into the stripped-down wrestling ring. Inevitably, the girls' tops are pulled up to reveal two pairs of absolutely perfect breasts bouncing in the sun. Heads are bashed; bodies are squeezed and pounded as each denimed damsel takes her turn knocking her opponent out. But, which one will get that final knockout?