OVER ONE HOUR — $59.95


Our first match is the championship finals boxing match pitting the winners of our semi-final bouts seen in Tape #450. Stacy (Kat) puts on the leather gloves as she faces the tough Christine. These topless terrors had faced each other in the semi-finals, but now it's a whole new ballgame, with Stacy's victory over Santana boosting her ring confidence considerably. Punches fly fast and furious as each boxer draws blood in her quest for boxing glory. Heads, guts and breasts are all assaulted until one luscious leather lady is knocked out for the count.


The slugs in our next match aren't wrapped in leather. The knuckles are bared as five of our girls go at each other in another of our multi-girl slugfests, a continuation of the donnybrook in Tape #421. We begin with the hapless Mark telling his friend Stacy about the beating he received at the hands of Francesca who returns to challenge Mark and his blonde bimbo to a tag-team slugging match. Before Francesca can name a partner, the unconscious Marjone is recovering on the mat. They all decide that it would be fun to beat up on the weakened brunette. After a cruel beating to her breasts, belly and honor, Marjone is trussed up against a mat, the trophy for the winners of the match to pound into jelly. Later Candi arrives to partner with Francesca and the four-way fracas begins. There is little control as bellies and breasts are walloped, like fleshy punching bags. When the victors go to claim Marjone as their prize, Eve unexpectedly charges in to rescue her helpless friend. This infuriates the winning team and they decide to take their anger out on the losers still lying unconscious on the mat. It's cross and double cross in this savage slugfest saga.